SIMEM 2012
15th International Exhibition of Medicines
and Medical Equipment
18 avril au 21 avril 2012

SIMEM Cezayirin en büyük İlaç ve Tibbi malzeme fuarıdır. Hızla modernize olan ve büyüyen talebe cevap veren bir sergidir.
Bu yıl 15. Si düzenlenen fuar Oranda yeralmaktadır.

2011 Yılı bilançosu
234 Şirket
190 u Yabancı şirket
7000 Profesyonel ziyaretçi
25 ülkden katılım

15th International Exhibition of Medicines
and Medical Equipment
18-21 Nisan 2012
Centre de Conventions d‘Oran

14. SIMEM 20/23 Nisan 2011 tarihleri arasında Oranda Sağlık bakanlığı partnerliğinde düzenlendi

Cezayir sağlık sektörünün en önemli şirketlerini ve temsilcilerini bir araya getirmiştir  

Üretici , ithalatçı ve sağlık kuruluşlarını bir araya getiren fuar , 25 ülkeden 234 şirketi bir araya getirmiştir

Yalnızca profesyonellere açık olan fuar sektörün yıllık vazgeçilmez buluşması haline gelmiştir.


The SIMEM is the largest exhibition in Algeria to the drug and medical equipment. An exhibition that meets the growing demand
of the health sector, committed to a broad modernization of all its structures. Founded by ASTEIN in Oran in 1998 under the name siemm, the show moved to Algiers in 1999, hosted by the Palace of Culture, it is now KRIZALID Communication organized a communication event, which has performed brilliantly in the 12th,
13th and 14th editions of 2009 to 2011 and organize the next edition at the prestigious International Convention Center of Oran.
Each year, the SIMEM, international exhibition of medicine and medical equipment has been confirmed as main display, rich and
varied products and equipment from the latest technologies for health. Go now traditional and important industry professionals, it
allows to take stock of the international equipment and the recent rapid progress of the application of digital technologies in the
medical world.

The SIMEMse strengthens in Algeria when some wealth is highlighted by all the experts. This should, among other things, allow public hospitals and private renew obsolete equipment and to acquire the additional equipment necessary for adequate health
coverage in the country. By offering easier access to health service infrastructure, better diagnostic performance by means of
technologically more advanced and more efficient care through the availability of medical products which have proved their worth.
The SIMEM therefore confirms its role as a crossroads of men who make up our health. The success of this event is primarily due to efforts by participants to ensure a presence of quality exhibits and experts able to explain their functioning and to ensure proper installation and effective maintenance.Whether exhibitors came directly from abroad, or their representation in Algeria.
Thus the best SIMEM ensures its mission since 1998, It is with great pleasure that we offer each year, this technology hub allowing visitors more and more of SIMEM, meet its loyal exhibitors, and to discover new each time.

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